Meet The Team

Iver & Adrian Maldonado

Tasty's Cupcakes LLC is owned by myself and my husband, Adrian. My passion for baking began while my husband and I were still attending college at Texas A&M University. This was when I received my first Kitchenaid Mixer! Upon graduating, we got married and moved to Houston, TX to begin our “adult” lives. I baked in my spare time to continue building and perfecting my skill. I even went as far as to have received a Pastry Certification from Well Done Cooking Classes in August 2015 to expand my horizons to different types of cakes, cookies and pastries. Soon after, I heard a message from my pastor about dreaming again and making dreams a reality. After praying and a lot of self-talk, I decided to make my dream of owning a business become a reality and thus Tasty's Cupcakes, LLC was created!

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